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    how to set ssh window width and length

    using ssh and/or telnet for remote admin of linux boxes
    long lines of data returned are being truncated or corrupted because of default window setting of 80 characters wide 24 lines long

    how to adjust window width and length?
    how to send SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_REQUEST message?

    RFC 4254 SSH Connection Protocol January 2006

    6.2. Requesting a Pseudo-Terminal

    A pseudo-terminal can be allocated for the session by sending the
    following message.

    uint32 recipient channel
    string "pty-req"
    boolean want_reply
    string TERM environment variable value (e.g., vt100)
    uint32 terminal width, characters (e.g., 80)
    uint32 terminal height, rows (e.g., 24)
    uint32 terminal width, pixels (e.g., 640)
    uint32 terminal height, pixels (e.g., 480)
    string encoded terminal modes

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    Have you tried the stty command to change the tty parameters of your ssh terminal connection?
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    depending on your use-case, the -t "force pseudo-tty allocation" option to ssh can prove helpful (e.g.
    ssh -t host watch df

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