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    Centos error files?

    Dear All,
    I have a java programme which run as a daemon using YAJSW. The problem at sometimes it fails the problem when I look into the its wrapper log file does not give me any hint what is the cause of the failure. Is there any other centos error files where I can refer for further analysis?

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    1. How does it fail? What error messages are output?
    2. System log files are found in /var/log and its sub-directories.

    You are not giving enough information to help much.
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    Dear Rubberman,
    To be specific I am using this YAJSW to run Java Daemon on my Centos 5.5 machines. The think it runs well but out of sudden I notice I get this sort of error and then it just goes down. Any help what must I do to avoid this sort of problem? Can I use some monitoring tool to monitor and recover it as soon it falls into problem? This is my problem as the error shown in the YAJSW log file is limited so I would like to know where else I can explore to look for hints on centos 5.5 ?

    Below is just part of the error list.

    NFO|3090/0|11-09-19 20:22:13|Controller State: LOGGED_ON -> PROCESS_KILLED
    INFO|wrapper|11-09-19 20:22:13|restart process due to default exit code rule
    INFO|wrapper|11-09-19 20:22:13|set state RUNNING->RESTART
    INFO|wrapper|11-09-19 20:22:13|set state RESTART->RESTART_STOP
    INFO|wrapper|11-09-19 20:22:13|stopping process with pid/timeout 3090 45000
    INFO|3090/0|11-09-19 20:22:13|Controller State: PROCESS_KILLED -> WAITING_CLOSED
    FINEST|3090/0|11-09-19 20:22:13|wrapper manager received stop command
    INFO|3090/0|11-09-19 20:22:14|Controller State: WAITING_CLOSED -> USER_STOP
    INFO|wrapper|11-09-19 20:22:14|stop config name null
    INFO|wrapper|11-09-19 20:22:14|externalStop false
    INFO|wrapper|11-09-19 20:22:14|exit code linux process 0
    INFO|wrapper|11-09-19 20:22:14|killing 3090
    INFO|3090/0|11-09-19 20:22:14|gobler execption OUTPUT 3090 null
    INFO|3090/0|11-09-19 20:22:14|gobler execption ERROR 3090 null
    INFO|3090/0|11-09-19 20:22:14|gobler terminated OUTPUT 3090
    INFO|wrapper|11-09-19 20:22:14|process exit code: 0
    INFO|3090/0|11-09-19 20:22:14|gobler terminated ERROR 3090

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