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    Error code 8 while tring to set up a modem in FC2

    pent 150
    ram 196
    10 gig H/D
    trio s3 64

    When trying to set up and activating a modem under FC2 (only gives this error in Gnome works fine in KDE)
    I get the following error message

    failed to activate myconnection error 8

    The modem is not a winmodem and is detected by the os
    I have searched google and found some related questions on the same subject but no fixes

    I have made KDE the default desktop and Window Manager for all users by editing /etc/sysconfig/desktop
    but that does not make the problem go away I only see this as work round

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    If I recall correctly, error 8 is what I get when I try to connect when the line is already in use. But you probably knew that already.
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    Thanks Drakebasher and no I didnt know the that was the error code for line busy but it only occurs in gnome and not kde ( I unplug the only phone, to plugin the modem- Dailup)

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