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    How to install xorg on RedHatLinux?

    I think I'm using RedHatLinux on a console. Is there any way to inquire into the console to know which version it is, or if it is redhatlinux? Anyway I'm trying to install some kind of GUI on top of it, it's in a dedi box, and I'm not quite getting it. I know I have to somehow install xorg, a window manager and vnc, but for now I'd like to learn how to install xorg.

    All I know is I did wget of a page that had xorg. Yup, this one: f*p://f* I thought yay the docs.tar.bz2 must be it. The other files are just decoration. Alas no, was I to learn.

    Then I did tar xjf docs.tar.bz2 in the console.

    So now it's unpackaged but that doesn't mean anything. That probably just means it's what a windows user would call 'unrared'.

    So what do I do now with these folders titled xorg-docs and xorg-server that are sitting in the root folder where the bz2 'package' is.

    Perhaps that's not the way to install xorg?

    So I read the readme.html file that comes with the xorg-docs folder and it didn't say anything about installing. Zilch. It just told me to go to the xorg wiki, which also said nothing. Maybe it was hidden in some mathematical formula somewhere. Alas no.

    So I hit up google, and it came up with ht*p://w*]Installing X11
    and it said to do this:

    # pkg_add -r xorg

    So I said yay, finally something easy and simple. But alas no. It says -bash: pkg_add: command not found in that lovely console.

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    First off, verify what distro you are running:

    grep -H . /etc/*-release
    If it is Red Hat, the best way to install a graphical environment is to use yum - it is a package manager that uses RPM to do the heavy lifting. The software packages for Red Hat come bundled in files call RPMS (e.g., firefox-8.0-1.i386.rpm)

    You'll need either a Red Hat RHN subscription and internet connection or the installation media (Red Hat CDs/DVDs) in order to install the software via yum. If the former, then do this to check out your yum repos:

    yum repolist
    If it looks good, then you need to do something like:
    yum install 'X Window System' 'GNOME Desktop Environment'
    That will install two groups of packages, the first for and related, the second for the GNOME desktop and related. The names of the groups changed recently, so you can do
    yum grouplist and grep for the correct names.

    If you don't have internet or a RHN subscription, then you can use the installation media as your repo. Just let us know and we'll help you with that, too.

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    Thanks for your answer.
    I did indeed find out that I was on CentOS, which turns out to be a Red Hat free clone.
    I was also instructed to do
    yum groupinstall xwindow system
    and yum groupinstall xfcee
    and yum install vnc server

    I think they're all installed, because I got a lot of processing in console. but when I do 'startx' as I was instructed somewhere else, it seems to not do anything. startx definitely does something, but just ends up sitting there. Would I have to install an OS from within inside the command 'startx', a bit like when we install an OS in WIN at boot? Would it be a yum install? Or a tar or image I download off the internet/upload from my PC?

    Also I was told to change id:3:initdefault: to id:5:initdefault: 'in order to get a graphical interface'. But that doesn't do anything.

    I'm trying to install a GUI on the console from which I can do things like browse the internet.

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    It would help if you showed the output from your startx command. It does nothing/something is not much to go on.

    The id:3 to id:5 change won't do anything helpful until you get your desktop display working (via startx).

    It sounds like you are having graphical display adapter driver issues. Post the output of this, too:

    /sbin/lspci -vnn
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