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Thread: samba config

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    samba config

    I installed samba and even disabled selinux and I'm still unable to get samba to share files. I try to access the share on my windows machine and it says that I don't have permission. I need help, maybe there is something I need to do with smb.conf but I thought that as long as I created an smbpasswd for my user I could see my share by using the smbclient -L localhost -U alvin, with alvin being the name of my user that I would be able to access alvin's home directory. If there's something else I need to do someone please let me know. I'm just trying to use the default [homes] share and its not working. Thank you.

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    I just had this same problem using Fedora 16. On the server, you also need to have nmb running. You don't need to configure it because it takes it's configuration from the smb.conf file. It is the service that allows Windows clients, or any non-local client, connections through Samba. On Fedora 15 or older just type /etc/init.d/nmb start and then make sure it starts automatcally in the services configuration screen. On Fedora 16 I had to make a dynamic link to the service file, then start it. So it went ln -s /lib/systemd/system/nmb.service /etc/systemd/ and then systemctl enable nmb and then systemctl start nmb. It should work then.

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    You have setup samba and have the service running, that's good. Remember, there are SAMBA permissions and there are UNIX permissions. UNIX permissions will always take precedence over SAMBA permissions.

    Also you may want to make sure there is the appropriate 'hosts allow' entry in your config.

    If you could post your config, that would be helpful as well.
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    Definitely post the contents of /etc/samba/smb.conf here. Also, the contents of /etc/samba/smbusers as well.
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