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    handling Linux cgroups with a new kernel

    I have cgroups working under Linux fedora14 with kernel 2.6.35. The cgroup fs is mounted upon boot ok
    per the following /etc/cgconfig.conf file:

    mount {
    cpuset = /dev/cgroup/cpuset;
    cpu = /dev/cgroup/cpu;
    cpuacct = /dev/cgroup/cpuacct;
    memory = /dev/cgroup/memory;
    devices = /dev/cgroup/devices;
    freezer = /dev/cgroup/freezer;
    net_cls = /dev/cgroup/net_cls;
    ns = /dev/cgroup/ns;
    blkio = /dev/cgroup/blkio;

    The libcgroup is still : /lib64/

    When I now switch to a new kernel 3.2.0-rc1 the Linux is booted ok but the cgroup is not mounted after boot per above
    Cgroup config file ( I also ran : chkconfig --add cgconfig successfuly).
    Trying explicitly : *service cgconfig restart* fails with following message :

    Cgroup mounting failed
    Failed to parse /etc/cgconfig.conf [FAILED]

    Any idea ? Any change in config file syntax ? (I did not find a change in RedHat cgroup manual)
    I doubt that the rc1 version is the cause (not stable reason)

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    If you are moving from 2.6.35 to 3.2.0 kernel versions, a LOT of other stuff should also be updated (libraries and applications). This is likely your problem, which is not uncommon when you try to move an older distribution, such as FC14, to a fully current kernel. Try updating to the latest Fedora distribution first - that will update a lot of your ancillary cruft so this might work.
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