I'm running a Fedora Core 3 Server which among other things is running apache as a web server.

I can access the apache test page from within my home LAN by entering the IP address of the machine. Entering my Internet IP address also shows this page (I assume due to loopback). But I can't access it from the web.

Diagram of Network:

Server (fedora core 3) (bridged ethernet connection)
Router (linksys WAG54G) ======== INTERNET (IP 80.xx.yy.zz)
| | |
| | Windows 2k PC* (IP address allocated dynamically)
| |
| XP Laptop*

The iptables firewall is disabled on the linux server as is the firewall on the lynksys router [for testing only]. Port forwarding is set for port 80 (internal & external) to forward to (the linux server). /etc/hosts.allow is set to all:all. {EDIT}Have now discovered /etc/httpd/conf.d/ has an allow/deny feature as well - have set it to allow all. Have also read that linksys single port forwarding wishes to switch the port from 80 to something else - have now forwarded a range from 80 to 81 which it will forward on the same port... ...none of this has made any difference though{EDIT}

When I try to connect to the page by typing http://80.xx.yy.zz/ into a browser I get a time out error.

When I add the port number to access the administration page of my router I can login and make changes so obviously the connection can get that far.

I'm also trying to configure OpenVPN to work (hence the bridged eth0) I get the same problem with this - time out on connection through internet but connection through local net (although it is buggy)

Finally the other bizzarre thing is when I ping 80.xx.yy.zz I get strange responses - often getting time outs, but also regularly achieving replies under 500ms (through dial-up connection to a different ISP from my ADSL broadband...)

Even stranger if I try:

C:>PING -r 9 80.xx.yy.zz
I always get a time out. (It should list the route followed...?)

Anyone suggest what's going wrong?