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    Hanging on - Checking for new hardware, during booting PC

    Hi folks,

    Athlon 1.4
    RAM: 512MB

    On booting the PC it hangs on "Checking for new hardware" for quite long time, at least 3~4 minutes. Finally it proceeds further with the PC started up without problem. This phenomenon did happen occasionally in the past.

    Kindly advise how to check its cause and get it fixed. TIA


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    I have a similar problem, but for me it's not really fixable. I have a SCSI host PCI card, and the driver always loads slow, both when Linux is booting and when the BIOS is loading.
    My point is, if it works, I wouldn't complain too much. It's likely something with your hardware that isn't really possible to fix without getting new hardware.
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    Hi Stormblazer,

    Your comment noted with thanks


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    It could just be that the hardware detection (kudzu) is finding a piece of h/w that it can't idenify.

    You could try changing /etc/sysconfig/kudzu to set a "safe" scan by saying safe=yes which skips serial port, DDC monitor checks and PS2 scans to see if that helps (man kudzu for more help), Or if you don't routinely add or remove hardware and everything is working OK you could just 'chkconfig kudzu off' as root which will stop the check for new h/w on boot. ('chkconfig kudzu on' to turn it back on).

    Also if you check dmesg and /var/log/messages just after bootup there may be warnings or errors which would help you determine what causes the pause.

    Hope that helps


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