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    Fedora doesn't recognize the full size of my partition

    I recently ran out of room on my / partition, and decided to resize it. So, i backed up my / partition using partimage. I then resized my windows partition and doubled the size of / to 12 gb. Then, i restored all of my data using partimage again.
    Now, the actual size of the partition is 12 gb, but fedora still thinks that it is 6 gb. If it hits 6 gb, and i try to write more data, it gives me the error "disk is full".

    How do I let fedora know that it has more room??

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    Could you post the output of "df"?
    (Just enter 'df' in the terminal)
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    this is what i get for df:

    Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda5 6941620 5534976 1054020 85% /
    /dev/hda3 101105 20381 75503 22% /boot
    none 516864 0 516864 0% /dev/shm
    /dev/hda2 25205984 17909128 7296856 72% /mnt/Local
    /dev/sda2 29609620 14285860 13819676 51% /media/root
    /dev/sda4 125523840 59323264 66200576 48% /media/NTFS

    as you can see, /dev/hda5 is my / partition, and it shows up as 85% used, when it should be under 50%.

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    It looks like partimage also reverted the partition size back to the orignal. It's listed as 6GB, not 12.
    Basically, as far as the system (not just Fedora Core) is concerned, that drive is only 6GB, so you'll have to find another way to backup your files and resize it again.
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    I've used qtparted in the past off the knoppix live cd, meant to be non destructive. but I would still backup data just in case

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    If needby make another partition and use it to store documents or images or something like that.
    Create it and mount it under something like /mnt/extra_data

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    once the partition is resized you must increase thi size of the filesystem mke2fs will do this. man mke2fs

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    Well, i sorted the problem out. It turned out not to be too hard
    I used cp to copy all of the files on / to an external drive. Then, using an external installation of fc that i made for doing rescue operations, i created a brand new partition with gparted. Then, i cp'd all of the files back onto the partition. it's all good now.

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