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    self installable cd

    how to create self installable cd, which user will put in pc and installation begins with booting. When auto installing linux on machine there are installed settings to which give me access to that PC via internet so I can continue to setup that pc what is needed to work like web server or mail server, etc.....

    So person which puts in to pc that cd doesn't need to do anything. All is installed what should be to give me access to that machine over internet.

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    I have to wonder how destructive such a CD would be.
    Scenario: Joe Bloggs makes a copy of the CD, and forgets to label it. Comes back a week later, looking for some other CD, and pops in the Linux self-install CD to see whats on it. It installs a new Linux, deleting all of his files.

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    Take a look at cobbler and koan, just setup some cobbler snippets to do the post install.
    I usually have one snippet for common config for all your servers ( monitoring mounts repos etc ) then have a second script for the app side of things. That way your servers should be consistant.
    Personally rather than having everything running off CD I would just boot off CD And select what profile you want to install then build over the network.

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