Our server is running a newly installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2. On first set of updates, the updates GUI shows a bug icon next to package:

filesystem-2.4.30-3.el6 (x86_64)

But each time I've done updates, and I've done this several times, the package shows up again soon thereafter, with the bug icon next to it. When I did update at command line the output said the package was supposed to be updated, but is not. Another line said:

filesystem.x86_64 0:2.4.30-3.el6 failed.

Below is the entry in software update the GUI.


The basic directory layout for a linux system
filesystem-2.4.30-3.el6 (x86_64)

This update will fix bugs and other non-critical problems.

This notification was issued on 2011-07-20 and last updated on 2011-12-06.

The filesystem package is one of the basic packages that is installed on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. The filesystem package contains the basic directory layout for the Linux operating system, including the correct permissions for directories.

This update fixes the following bug:

Prior to this update, certain locale subdirectories in the /usr/share/locale/ directory did not have any owner set. With this update, this bug has been fixed so that the filesystem package now owns the subdirectories of the following locales: bgBG (Bulgarian), enNZ (New Zealand English), fiFI (Finnish), glES (Galician), lvLV (Latvian), msMY (Malaysian), sr_RS (Serbian)........ (BZ#620063)

All users of filesystem are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes this bug.

For more information about bugs fixed by this update please visit this website:

<URL deleted from post> Bugzilla id=620063