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    Recover data from FC7 desktop that won't boot successfully

    Hello all

    I'm a newbie but hopefully that doesn't mean my question is a stupid one. I'd considered myself to be a semi-competent linux user until this one reared its ugly head.

    I've a Fedora Core 7 machine which following some unfortunate power-off/on action now fails to boot. To be more specific, it's running a disk check (fsck?) and finding errors. I then get thrown into a shell during boot where I have so far run fsck -n and established that the problem seems to be in /dev/sda2 which is the / area.

    I'm optimistic that data which I most need to salvage is in /home and /data which are /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6 respectively (partitions on same physical drive, I think).

    Can you point me towards a solution where I can
    a) ideally repair the installation with zero/minimal risk to my data
    b) at least recover data from /home and /data (eg. to a pen drive). If I can manage this successfully then maybe the computer gets a fresh install.


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    Boot from a liveCD Knoppix, ubuntu, fedora, etc
    mount the /home and /data partitions,
    and copy the data to another storage.
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    Thanks very much - that has enabled me to siphon off the large blocks of user data that I was most hopeful of recovering.

    Now I'm a bit less paranoid about trying to sort out what's left - is there going to be a straightforward way of repairing the installation do you think? Again, if I can avoid having to find and rebuild things within /dev/sda2 (I'm thinking any customisation in /var, /etc, /usr and so on) that would be advantageous, but I'm a bit more realistic now about my level of understanding. I'm making a point, perhaps unnecessarily, of avoiding the / partition so as not to jeopardise my chance of a recovery.

    If I find the original installation media, will that give me an option of a repair? Or can I do something intelligent from the boot prompt when it tries to start up into Fedora off the hard drive?

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