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    Stuck in IF command, how do i get out !!

    Hey guys, many thanks in advance for help in sorting a simple stupid issue that I will never end up in again !!.
    I typed if config (yes with a space!!) trying to get to ip address, etc. Then I realised what I had done, now I am stuck in the IF command with just a >_ on the screen, tried typing exit, end , etc.
    The linux machine is on a VM and I am working off site, I have worked around it by going onto another session, but for peace of mind I want to know how to get out of this. I was going to try using the break key on my laptop, but this stupid dell dont have one !!



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    Ctrl + c should get you out of that one

    The usual suspects to to try are:

    Ctrl + c
    Ctrl + d
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