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    Linux downloader box?

    Hey all.

    I'm not Linux guru at all, I can get around a bit in CentOS but other distros baffle me and I can get lost easy.

    I'm looking to make a downloader/media streaming box that is user friendly for the wife. Some recommendations would be awesome.

    So I will need:
    -Something like Grabit, user interface that is easy to use
    -Torrent downloader (use uTorrent in windows), once again, user interface and easy to use
    -Web Browser (already there in the install, usually)
    -UPNP streamer so we can connect this box to our Patriot box or asus media players.

    I'll connect to the box using VNC or something similar.

    KDE or Gnome, doesn't really matter.

    Will CentOS be a good distro for this and what programs should I be using to create this box?

    I'm also going to use this box for hosting a variety of small game servers (like minecraft or terraria) so I'll virtualbox an xp or win7 box into it for the windows components but I would like to use Linux for the rest of it.


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    I'd suggest straight Debian with a minimal window manager like OpenBox or IceWM. You can add the other programs via apt-get from there. Minecraft will be no problem to install as well.
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