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    Increasing the size of the partition .....


    Let's time for increase the size of the secondary memory for my server. But the thing is ...

    My server is having RedHat 5EE and Hardware RAID-5 is implemented. The server consists of five 146GB SATA Hard disks. Among them one is reserved as Hot Spare. Now I bought three 146GB Hard Disks to extend the array.

    What my problem is, previously LVM is not implemented and I would like to increase the size of the existing partitions with the help of new disks. Currently my partitioning schema is

    /dev/cciss/codop1 /boot 300mb
    /dev/cciss/codop2 /home3 138GB
    /dev/cciss/codop3 /home2 80GB
    /dev/cciss/codop5 /home 78GB
    /dev/cciss/codop6 / 20GB
    /dev/cciss/codop8 /image 138GB

    Now I would like to increase the size of the partitions /image, /home3 and /home2

    can any body help me to increase the partitions size with out installing the new system and no lose of the data.

    Waiting for the reply ............

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    Hi chiranjeevis,
    it all depends on the underlying disks.
    If your raid controller allows you to add a disk and then assign the new space to existing disks presented to the OS then you are away.
    You can either look at all the manual tools (manually resize partitions resize2fs etc) or you could look at gpartd which takes the dificulty away.

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    I reckon toddles13 is right, gparted is probably the easiest way. I am not very good a raid devices, LVM i could help with.

    Assuming your using ext4 3 or 2, gparted shouldn't have any problems recognizing your partitions.

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