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    Using X11VNC how to divert Remote Desktop to different display, say :1

    I have installed X11VNC on my Fedora 16 on compaq..
    I have set the "-display" option to " :1 "..

    I am doing Remote desktop sharing from my MacBook.. I am unable to proceed with the screen sharing..

    But, when i set the "-display" to " :0 " i am able to do remote sharing.. Any idea why??


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    To verify:
    You have X11VNC installed on Fedora, and you are attempting to access your X session that is running on Fedora/Compaq and view it on your MacBook?

    You are successfully able to use X11VNC to share the X session that exists on :0, but not to share the X session that exists on :1?

    • Which VNC client are you using on the Mac? (and is the Mac on OSX?)
    • Since you're talking about two different X sessions on the Fedora machine, are you able to access them through VNC locally? (e.g., run X11VNC for X session :0 on Fedora, and on the :1 X session use a VNC client to view the :0 session)

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