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    Filesystem Corrupt

    Being unable to SSH to my Backup machine (using Procps version 2.0.11) or do an RSYNC to it, I rebooted the machine. At the console (which had been hung) I got the messages "Checking filesystems Couldn't find matching filesystem: LABEL=/backup1." The system then put me into a maintenance mode, asked for the root password, and gave me a "Repair filesystem" prompt. I was also given a "Control-D" option to continue, in which case the machine reboots. I ran "fsck -A -V" and it returned "Couldn't find matching filesystem LABEL=/backup1" again. I did an "ifconfig" to bring up the interface; that was successful. I can ping the machine, but canot log in remotely. How do I fix this?

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    If you are using ext2 or ext3 filesystems, and you know what the 'real' device is, i.e '/dev/hda3' you can try to relabel that device and partition as root with
    tune2fs -L /backup1 /dev/hda3
    but that is assuming that /dev/hda3 is the device and partition. You would replace that part with the actuall device and partition number. You can also try replacing the 'LABEL=/backup1' with the device path, i.e '/dev/hda3' for the third partition on the primary IDE harddrive. If none of that works then the only thing I can think of suggesting is to commit out the entire 'LABEL=/backup1' entry in your fstab file. That should allow the system to boot if '/backup1' is not a critical mount-point, I.e '/' or '/usr', etc... As far as not being able to remote to the box, that would be because the ssh daemon is not running in the maintenance mode the system is booting into. The maintenance mode, or were it gives an error, and then asks for the root password or <CTRL+D> to continue, is just an extremely basic shell to allow you to try to fix whatever problem it is that is preventing the system from booting, and I would not recommend running the system with any type of netwroking turned on while in the maintenance mode. You need to try toresolve the problem keeping the system from booting first, then if you can't remote to the box after it successfully boots, make another post and we will see what we can do. In this case your error is quite simply: Your fstab file ('/etc/fstab', usual location) is telling the system to mount a hard drive/partition that has the label of '/backup1', however, either the drive is dead, removed from the sys, or any number of other problems is not allowing the system to recognize that drive as having label '/backup1' anymore.

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