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    Injecting NIC drivers into RHEL 6.1 x64

    I am having trouble injecting NIC drivers into my RHEL 6.1 x64 boot ISO. I am trying to do a kickstart deployment but I am unable to connect to my server and download the installation image because the NICs are not working and need drivers injected.

    Can anyone give me instructions on how to inject NIC drivers into my boot ISO? I know it somewhere in the initrd.img file, I just can't get it working. And then do I need to inject the drivers into the install image somewhere as well?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Does anyone know how to do this?

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    Have you looked at modprobe?


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    I did a vim on my modprobe file and it was mostly a bunch of gibberish.

    Here is what I've done:
    -Extracted the initrd.img file from my boot ISO into a folder on my RHEL61x64 box
    -Installed the rpm file for the drivers I want onto my RHEL61x64 box
    -Copied the drivers from /lib/modules/<kernel version>/extra over to <extracted folder of initrd.img>/modules/<kernel version>/extra/
    -Copied the pci.ids, module-info, and modules.alias files from the hard drive to their respective location in the initrd.img extracted folder
    -Repackaged my initrd.img file
    -Replaced the initrd.img file on my boot ISO with the new one I created
    -When I boot off the ISO, the drivers are still not working or being used

    Did I miss something or do something wrong?

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    I thank there is no module for your network NIC.
    maybe you can find one driver for your network NIC .. and built it (using another computer may (RHEL61X64) ) then copy module to another usb driver .. when startup your booting iso. use command linux dd .
    I hope there is something help for you.

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