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    Event monitoring & notification

    I want to monitor certain system events and upon detecting some error, dial a list of phone numbers and play a message. I would prefer that it continue dialing until the call is acknowledged, but this functionality is not necessary. I can handle the event monitoring & detection part, but what would be the best way to do the dial up notification part? I would prefer free or low cost solutions.

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    A monitoring solution such as Icinga, nagios or XYmon should meet your requirements.
    In my experience, usually a mail and/or sms is sent and not a actual phone call. But this might still be achievable.

    About the "continue dialing": We use XYmon, and you can tell xymon to initially report an error after X minutes, and then again each Y minutes, until it is either fixed or the OnCall guy logged into the xymon webinterface and acknowledged the alert (with reason of course)

    It depends on your usecase, but we are fine with: Initial sms after 5min, repeat every 20m.
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