I have a Belkin F5d6020 ver.2 Wireless card and I saw at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/..._F5D6020_ver.2 That the drivers come with fedora core 2 and it was simple to install. I installed fedora core 2 (Kernal 2.6.5-1.35 and folowed the instructions at the above website and fedora recognised the card everything went well but when the cards inserted everythings messed up. You can't login to gnome using any account including root and the network applet won't open (if you loging and then instert the card) and it won't even shutdown properly (xinetd fails and nfs statd fails and it hangs after shutting down system logger). But if you leave the card out everything seems to work fine (if you take the card out after youve instrted it things are still messed up)

I have a Dell Latitude CPi R, Petium 2 400 Mhz.
Any help on getting it to work would be greatly apreciated.