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    How to install PHP 4.4.9, MySQL 4.1.22 & apache 1.3.9 on centos 5???

    I want to install PHP 4.4.9, MySQL 4.1.22 & apache 1.3.9 on my Centos 5.

    Please dont ask me why I am installing such an old version. I know its old and there are danger in using such an old version but that version is exactly what I need for my purpose.

    I have newly installed Centos 5 and now I am ready to install the above mentioned softwares.

    How to install them??
    Step to step guide would be helpful for me.

    and again please do not ask me why I am installing such old version.


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    I think, it will very hard for you, especially if you are newer in Linux.
    You can try do it one way:install it from source code.
    you need to download source code for your versions and look at Readme.txt file for compiling and installation instructions.
    Usually it's just 3 commads:
    make install
    You also must have installed this packages:
    yum install gcc gcc-c++ make

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    Sheh is correct.
    Be aware though, that
    - you also need to install the devel libraries for all the features you wish to have, especially in php
    - it probably makes sense to install and use the older autoconf213 tools, at least for php
    - you need to patch the source of php4/apache1.3/mysql4.1 if you dont want to break the default packages. Think: Pear/pecl path, colliding binary names, etc

    Tbh: *IF* -and only *IF*- security is not a concern, then I would probably just install an older version of centos, which comes with the required versions of apache/mysql/php.
    That machine is vulnerable anyway because of the old and unmaintained lamp stack.

    It probably makes sense to have the statement "Security on that machine is not Asado´s problem" in written and signed form

    The clean way is of course to update the applications/scripts running on that box to the lamp stack of centos 6.
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