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    about mail server or web server hostname

    hi, i am a beginner of linux, i trying to start mail server, but i have a question....

    why mail server need to set [hostname]...web server name also.....?
    as i know, when someone send a http request out, it get a ip from dns, send request to the IP, through the router then address and port redirection, to the destinction machine......
    so.....this already know the target machine....why need to config a [hostname]??

    best regards

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    You can certainly use just an IP to communicate with your web server.

    For a proper mail server, valid domain, hostnames and MX (or at minimum A records) are required.

    You can also use just the IP with a mail server, for testing purposes or for internal mail, but it gets a bit harder and you won't be able to use it to communicate with the rest of the world.
    The address takes the form user@[] - the square brackets are required.
    This is known as a domain-literal address and is generally not supported by most real-world mail services.

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    There is a simple reason for the web server and mail server needing to set a hostname.

    It is for logging and error message purposes. Lets take a simple scenario which applies to both web server and mail server.
    Your browser connects to has a single IP address in DNS which is the address of the load balancer. The load balancer dispatches the request to one of ten different web servers.
    Lets say you get an error message (like a 404) in your browser and you want to report it to the web master. You cut and paste the error and send it to them with email. It would be more helpful for the web master to know that " is having problems" instead of just a generic message or an IP address.

    Same thing for mail servers. It's helpful to have an actual name for the logs and for the messages.
    oc5471246066/home/abarclay$ telnet 25
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    220 ESMTP Postfix


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