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    Unhappy Screen goes black and computer beeps

    Hi guys!
    Im a new fedora user (had some love with other distros). I updated the os and installed drivers and stuff, installed cinnamon latest version for F16 and customized it but i decided to make my windows partition the default for the bootloader and then i rebooted loaded the kernel and after the bar loads the screen goes black,flashes for a second and then it starts beeping in a delay of 1 second. Any ideas ? I think i can see the problem if setting up the bootloader to boot in with text only but there i saw it loads all the drivers and stuff with no problem....

    Btw: When booting it writes out 5 times some stuff about video drivers but it happenned before i could boot so i dont think this is the problem

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    the problem you describe shouldn't have anything to do with updating the bootloader. more to do with updating drivers, particular video.

    what is your video card? what is part of the updated software?

    if you haven't done this, try updating the system:

    yum update
    if you already did that, then you may need to downgrade the video drivers.

    you can also try booting into runlevel 1 at the grub (bootloader) prompt, in order to log in to the console and fix things (which i realize you don't know how to do yet, but you'll need to do this first, so that you can do things like run yum, downgrade drivers, etc.).

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    well im using Palit GTX550 TI . First reboot i did after i installed the OS and the video drivers there were no problems ill try yum update again but last time there were no available updates oh and btw if im using the newest drivers for the video i have to use the latest kernel i cant boot in older kernels and if i use the stock driver for the video i can boot it old kernels only

    I tried to boot into single-user mode but in the guide it says to press a and add "single" at the grub menu but there are only 2 options E for editing the command line (and if i add "single" at the bottom of the code it says "single isnt a command") and c for entering grub command line where again if i type single it says it isnt a command
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    it is e at the kernel you want to load.

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