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    Starnge LDAP behaviour in RHEL5

    Ok seems like ive run into something weird with pam authentication and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

    I have a RHEL5 system authentication against a ActiveDirectory Win2003R2 server and everything seems to work fine. However, when i change the case of the user (using id), i get different group results. Basically:

    [root@snaptrap ~]# id sde
    uid=6100(SDE) gid=502(domain) groups=502(domain)
    [root@snaptrap ~]# id SDE
    uid=6100(SDE) gid=502(domain) groups=502(domain),7000(Linux_Users)
    uid=5000(brian.omahony) gid=502(domain) groups=502(domain),7000(Linux_Users),7001(Linux_Ad mins),7002(svngroup)
    [root@snaptrap ~]# id BRIAN.OMAHONY
    uid=5000(brian.omahony) gid=502(domain) groups=502(domain)

    Thing is, the SDE account was created in windows using capitals, and my account was created in lowercase.

    I also have an onrunning issue where anyone that was added to Active directory AFTER we added our first Win2k3 server in 2007 doesnt show when I do a "getent passwd", but ofc they show up when i do an "id user".....

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    Windoze is much more case-insensitive than Linux/Unix. I think that until your change one or the other to upper or lowercase to match, that you are likely SOL (or sol, if you wish)...
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