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    newbie finally on linux redhat

    I found a 2 years old kopie of rehat 8 in my girlfriends stuff
    Installed it and had problems to run graphical mode.
    In fact I don't know a thing about linux
    I fixed the prob now by changing my videocarddriver in a vesa driver, strange because I have a radeon 8500 phropet and Redhat is supporting it.
    Anyway can someone tell me if there is something like an explorer in Redhat, sorry I am a compleet newbie.
    And maybe other hints where to learn more or nice features.
    Is that openoffice for example as good as the microsoft word?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nr1killabee
    Is that openoffice for example as good as the microsoft word?
    That's insulting OpenOffice... A better way to put that is: "Is microsoft word as good as openoffice," and the answer would be a definite NO.
    Linux has many more features than Windows, and it's not limited to a single desktop shell like windows is. For example, you could run Gnome or KDE, two very different Desktop Environments. You could also run other window managers or light desktops such as XFCE, Enlightenment, Fluxbox, Blackbox, etc.

    If I were you, I'd use something at least a little more up to date, as Redhat 8 is pretty old now. The original Redhat line ended with Redhat 9, but it's continued in the Redhat Enterprise Edition and Fedora Core distros. You'll want Fedora Core, which is more community based than Redhat was. The latest version of Fedora Core is Fedora Core 3.
    The best way to learn about the features and differences of Linux is to try each thing you'd normally do with the system untill you get the hang of it.

    As for the video card issue, keep in mind not very many companies support linux drivers (yet). For your information, if you use linux, don't use an ATI card. The drivers provided by ATI are horrid, among other things. Actually, I don't reccomend an ATI card for Windows either (but for different reasons). nVidia is very Linux friendly, and the drivers work for almost any distro with few problems.

    Also, if you don't like something about Linux, make sure first that it's not something that easy to fix, and then make sure that the more up to date linux distros haven't already changed/improved/fixed it, before you dismiss anything as being inferior to windows.

    You'll also want this: A table of equivalents of windows software / fuctionality to Linux software

    Also remember that the command line in Linux is actually very useful, even for complete newbies and *gasp* the average user.
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