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    BIND w/ OpenDNS & GoogleDNS based on client + lan dns via DHCP

    I have a home network consisting of 7 machines, three of which belong to my children. They are starting to get to the age where pron becomes interesting. Well here we go with OpenDNS. I don't want to filter all the machines on the network with OpenDNS, just theirs. I also need to have BIND be updated via DHCP so name resolution works on the LAN.

    -Using Fedora 14 x86_64
    -Not hosting external queries of any type - internal only
    -DHCP server is on same machine as BIND.
    -I'm perfectly fine with locking the kids machines into a specified IP range and filtering that way, but that still leaves me without local resolution.

    I have BIND working fine as a caching server, but it does not, as of now, handle resolving of local names. I've been doing a bit of searching and can find solutions to any one of these problems, but I guess I'm falling short of doing all of them.

    I'm not looking for a full solution to this question - I guess just some direction...



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    Here is what I would do

    1. Configure DHCP to assign the same IP address to the machine. This can be done via the MAC address.
    2. Install a proxy server to filter what the kids can and cannot see.
    3. Configure the firewall to push all web traffic through the proxy.

    Now you have setup the home LAN to protect your kids, but this does nothing to protect them when they are not connected to the home network.

    I would also scan for open AP's in your area so that you are aware of other avenues they could take to bypass your setup.


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