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    Changing RHEL 6 Yum repository to RHEL 5 repository

    Hi there,

    I want to change my yum repository to RHEL 5 repository from RHEL 6 is this possible if so how do I go about doing it?

    The reason I am doing this is because I have downloaded and installed a previous version of MySQL but they only had RHEL5.rpm. Now when I try to install Percona toolkit I get dependency errors and trying to downloading and finding rpm's for those dependency's seems to be a hard task.

    There is no option to take down MySQL and upgrade as the server is a live server and is the Master in replication configuration.

    Would be grateful for any help thanks in advance.


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    Bad idea.
    *Never ever* mix repositories from different distributions or even versions.
    Otherwise dependency errors and unpredicted behaviour are guaranteed.

    Sorry to say, but your statement "no option to take down mysql and upgrade" is somewhat flawed.
    Because it implies, that the server is very important, yet it does not have redundancy.

    My suggestion would be to build another server with rhel6, the appropiate mysql server and the percona toolkit for rhel6.
    Then sync this machine, examples on how to do that are here:
    mysql - Creating a new slave using existing master - What does the initial db creation procedure look like? - Stack Overflow
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