I've been working to setup a windows domain for single sign-on between windows / linux systems and also roaming profiles for the windows machines. I have successfully setup the Linux server with Samba as a PDC, and able to get windows machines to join the domain along with roaming profiles. I also have a test Linux machine running CentOS 6.2 on the domain through winbind, but when I try to login with the domain account, it acts as if it's logging on, creates the local home directories for the user, and then logs off without message. I've looked at /var/log/samba/ winbindd files and smb files with no real error mentioned.

Running wbinfo -u shows all domain users correctly as does wbinfo -g show all domain groups. It appears the computer is on the domain, not sure how to further troubleshoot the situation.

The only thought I have is that it is related to roaming profiles. I have each profile put into a directory specific to the machine architecture "logon path = \\%L\profile\%U\%a". I only see the windows profile (Vista.V2) created - should I also see a linux profile created as a profile on the PDC? If so, what might be keeping this from being created when I log in through the network? As I mentioned earlier, the user home directory is created on the local machine, but I don't see anything in the shared profile directory.