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    Mysqld, memory usage, bt-client...


    I am not a complete newbie, so any responses can be mildly technical. I recently installed Fedora Core 3 on an old laptop that was gifted to me. I am having a few issues...

    First of all, I cannot get mysqld to run. I have installed and reinstalled 3.2. When I try to start it manually from .../rc.d/init.d/mysqld start it reports that it starts and immideately stops. When I try to start it from the Services-gui in GNOME it reports: 'mysqld dead but subsys locked' . Anyone else faced with this problem?

    On to memory usage, which ties in with bittorrent clients. I occasionally find that I am kicked out of firefox. It just exits. If I look into the problem and sift through logs it appears as though fedora is deciding that my 512 Mb ram and 1024 Mb swap is not sufficient to run gnome, firefox, gaim, OOo and occasionally a bt-client. Any ideas on how I can traceback every application and process's memory usage to find the culprit?

    Finally, anyone recommend a bt client that isn't the python scripts from the maker of bittorrent and that allows multiple simlutaneous downloads with status indication without opening multiple shells?

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for any help


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    'ps aux' will show you all the running processes along with percent memory usage. Try starting mysql directly w/o the help of scripts and see if the output is helpfull. As for the memory: you shouldnt have problems with that. I hav use all 374 megs of my physical memory and not had a swap partition. My system slows down and becomes almost useless while kswapd tries to swap but I never get something closing do to a lack of memory.
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    I can have a lot more than that open, and I have 256MB RAM and 1GB of swap. Granted, the swap partition is on a SCSI drive, but you still shouldn't be even coming halfway to filling up your ram/swap with only those things open.

    As for a decent BT client, that's easy: Azureus. The best client in windows or linux, as it uses java. There's plenty of other clients with the features you wanted too, but I can't remember them off the top of my head, at least not Linux ones.
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