Does anyone here have installed nagios Alternate web interface with PHP, I am having hard time installing that. I have nagios working without any errors but i need the nagios-php so i could integrate with Geeklog modules.

I need to install the following. Auth_HTTP-2.0, Auth-1.2.3 , Files_Passwd from pears. and Smarty. But i do not know how to install these does anyone knows how setup these to make nagios-php to work. Someone please .


PEAR Auth ( * (See comment below)
Known to work with version 1.2.3
PEAR Files_Passwd (this is the currently used method, but can be changed by tweaking PEAR Auth
Known to work with version 1.1.0
and installing the required PEAR package - see
Smarty (
Nagios 1.x

Thanks in advance