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    it looks like your fdisk command output was so long it scrollled off the screen. i should have said, try this:
    fdisk -l /dev/hd[abcd]
    according to your /etc/fstab file, you are using LVM for your root filesystem, not RAID, does that sound right? so you're only trying to RAID /boot (and swap) at this point?

    have you tried mounting one of the /boot partitions, to see if the files are there? you can mount them individually, e.g.:

    mkdir /mnt/hda1;mount -t ext3 /dev/hda1 -o ro /dev/hda1
    you'll have to change ext3 to whatever filesystem you used.

    Honestly, I am thinking it might be best to start over w/a clean install...that root LVM partition is confusing (to me).
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    hda & hdb
    hdc & hdd
    Yes, the root filesystem is on LVM but the LVM in on raid1. I created raid1 from the first two hard disks and another raid1 from the other two and from those two raid volumes i created one logical volume (/boot and swap are separate, created from separate raid volumes on the first two hard disks)

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    hda1 and hdb1 are marked as bootable, that is good. did you try to mount them and confirm that your grub/kernel files are all there and intact?

    everything else looks all right to me, i can't see what else the problem could be. i would try re-running the grub installation portion covered in the link I posted previously.

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    the output from that command is that /dev/hda1 is already mounted or busy

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