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    Can't boot to Windows anymore after removing Grub

    Today I decided to try out Fedora by booting it from USB. I liked the OS, and decided I wanted to install it to my hard-drive. I couldn't complete the installation because I needed to free up a partition.

    I booted back into Windows to view my Disk Management and free up a partition. I decided to re-format a partition that had a linux OS in it that I no longer used. I used to boot into this OS using Grub.

    However, when I reformatted the disk, it seems to have deleted most of the grub files, but when I power up my laptop, I'm getting an "Error 15" message which I think is because Grub cannot find the OS files to boot because I deleted them.

    My problem now is that I can't boot back into Windows, I can only boot from USB ( I have no CD drive as I'm using a netbook ).

    I read online that to remove the Grub bootloader I must boot into Windows and run a few commands in recovery mode to reset the bootloader. Since I can't boot into Windows, and have no CD drive, this option doesn't seem like it's going to work.

    Any advice for me? I'm quite new to Linux, and currently my Netbook can only boot from USB and Windows ( 7 by the way ) is currently inaccessible.

    I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, but it all started when I wanted to try out Fedora!

    Any suggestions are appreciated, I've been Googling for hours now!


    To sum the question up:
    Is there a way to remove the Grub bootloader without entering Windows? For example can I boot something from USB and remove it from there?

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    You have to boot to the WIndows recovery console from the installation disc and then run the fixmbr utility to reinstall the Windows boot loader.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnakeySpoon View Post
    can I boot something from USB and remove it from there?
    Hello and welcome!

    You could boot with something like the USB version of Parted Magic's LiveCD to clear the MBR, but then you'd still need to find a way to restore your Windows bootloader if that's what your intentions are. Microsoft has detailed instructions on their website for restoring the Windows bootloader.

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