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    How can i configure fence_cisco_ucs with redhat cluster suite


    How can i configure fence_cisco_ucs with redhat cluster suite.

    i was trying to configure fencing aganet with red ahat cluster suite

    i issued command

    # /usr/sbin/fence_vmware_soap -a -l admin -p duc2Cisco -o reboot

    then i got below error:

    Failed: You have to enter plug number
    Please use '-h' for usage

    what is this plug number and from where can i get this plug number.?

    I am new to this Cisco UCS, becuase this hardware is provided my some other team and i am the one installing Red Hat cluster suite. I requested fencing agent configuration with Cisco, and that guy dosen't know what is fencing..

    please help me, because of this issue, production got delayed


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    According to the man page (man 8 fence_vmware_soap), it seems to be the name of the virtual machine:

    -n, --plug=<id>
         Physical plug number or name of virtual machine This parameter is always required.

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    thanks for your replay

    actually i tried both fence_cisco_ucs and fence_vmware_soap. which one is used for fencing configuration..

    i think both method asking for plug number.

    i have access to UCS control panel. from where can i get these service or plug number.

    Thanks & regards,

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    i tried te below, i don't i took one profile name from UCS cpanel and checked:

    /usr/sbin/fence_cisco_ucs -a -l admin -p duc2Cisco -n org-root/ls-cgceccprd1 -o reboot
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/sbin/fence_cisco_ucs", line 147, in <module>
    File "/usr/sbin/fence_cisco_ucs", line 120, in main
    res = send_command(options, "<aaaLogin inName=\"" + options["-l"] + "\" inPassword=\"" + options["-p"] + "\" />")
    File "/usr/sbin/fence_cisco_ucs", line 92, in send_command
    pycurl.error: (28, 'connect() timed out!')

    that also got error

    thanks & Regards,

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    i don't know anything about Cisco UCS and fencing, but that error looks like you are not even attaching to the port on the ip address, based upon the "connect() timed out!" error.

    can you ping the ip address?

    what is the physical device to which you are trying to connect?

    do you know the TCP/UDP port number to which you are trying to connect?

    do you know that authentication you supplied to be good?

    Again, I'm out of my element here, but maybe somebody will be able to do something the info you supply.

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    Here is some Red Hat documentation on Fence device parameters. It is fairly exhaustive though it is not a straight "how-to":

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    yes that IP is pinging from my OS

    i checked that document before, on that this plug number is not mentioned


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    i think maybe b/c you are trying to use a tool that expects to connect to a VM device and configures fencing on that device, versus connecting something else (whatever your hardware is). I really don't know, just guessing...

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    fence_cisco_ucs is using with one Ip address, from where can i get that IP address.before i used same KVM it ok or i need to configure separate IP


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