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Thread: NIS Issues

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    NIS Issues


    I am currently setting up a NIS (Yes I know don't laugh) server on Red Hat 6.1. We use SSOD to sync our passwords between Windows and Linux.

    I am currently running into multiple issues so hopefully one of you guys will be able to help me out.

    Issue 1: yppasswd hangs when you try to change the password.
    It then says RPC: Timed Out
    In /var/log/messages the following line is displayed;
    kernel: killed process 30471 (rpc.yppasswdd) vsz:11776384kB, anon-rss:7671960kB, file-rss;4Kb

    I have my nsswitch.conf looking at files first then NIS.
    The ypbind and ypserv processes are both running.

    Any thoughts or ideas on this one?

    Issue 2: When trying to change a users password from the Windows side it states the following;
    user = user_name
    check if user acocunt is Locked, expired or disabled.
    I've looked up the error on microsofts website and they sayexactly what it states, that the user account is locked or disabled. I can log in on the UNIX side with the user account with no issues.

    Any thoughts on that one?

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    Good luck? I haven't worked with NIS for a LONG time (at least 8 years). At that time, Win2K was still reasonably new, and Linux was still "experimental". Sorry, but this isn't the answer you were looking for. There are questions such as version of NIS you are using, etc. Have you considered moving to OpenLDAP (more compatible with Windoze)? Or do you have Solaris systems that still have to run NIS?
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    Can you let us know if


    are in running state.

    Is portmap service running ?

    check if the access to ports are blocked by firewall.

    Can you please post these details so that we can help you out ..

    Best Wishes,
    Nikhil Shinde.

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    check portmap is running r not. have u install yppasswd pack?

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