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    Mount an iPhone?

    I recently switched to Fedora 17 from Ubuntu and have encountered an issue regarding the ability to mount an iPhone. iPhone's no longer mount when using this distribution. This didn't happen on Ubuntu. How can I get my iPhone to mount?

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    Do you have the libimobiledevice package installed? I think you'll need it. If you do, make sure you the most updated version (via the updates Fedora repo).

    If you already do have it installed, can you post what commands you are using to attempt to mount, and any error messages you get?

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    I also have an iPhone 4 and cannot mount it under Debian. I get an "Unable to mount Jack's iPhone Unhandled lockdown error (-4)" then the kernel crashes and I get a disconnected Ethernet connection notice. I have the name "Jack's iPhone" as the name of my hotspot on the iPhone. I have the libimobile1 library and a iphe.... something that is supposed to handle the iPhone as an Ethernet connection via USB port. I don't have the GUI's that is described so I'm wondering if I'm still missing something.

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    Check out GTK-pod. I use Android phones so I don't really know if this works well. If you do try it, let us know how it goes. I'm sure it's in your system repos.
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    Mike thanks for the suggestion, I will give it a try although I'm not really using like a 'song' storage or something like that. What I'm up to is using my hotspot on the iPhone 4 to go through the USB port to act like an Ethernet connection. Basically to get the machine on-line.... It's been a tough fight for something so simple!

    Thanks, will get back to you...


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    Check with Fedora's website on whether if there's a way for them to mount iPhones, I run Debian so the story here is the device would be mounted on afc://. In this instance, it's on the gvfs folder in your home directory, however gtkpod does have problems where it might crash upon startup and ends with a seg fault error.

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    Thanks for the tip. I can't locate any 'libmobil' using the Debian site search for 'any package containing' as I also checked via apritiude. I will look at Fedoras site and see if anything rings a bell. I have found the .gvfs folder but it has no contents. Also, my iPhone seems to mount, but it (the iPhone) keeps asking to "trust this computer?" and never stops. The app on Linux says the device is not answering. So, something isn't talking properly. I have since moved as this was posted Jan 2013, with a good Internet connection (Cox) that is pretty fast and dependable. I still have an iPhone (although an upgrade to a 5s), and would like it to interface. I have copied some photos off the iPhone, but it also dumps all the CD Covers as photos. It would be nice to have some version of iTunes or the like on Linux as I hate boot back to Windows for this and my scanner. I will keep an eye open here for any information.

    Where is the afc:// supposed to be? Is it created by the package that is interfacing or is there something else needed?



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