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    Mutt + MSMTP can't send large attachment?


    Someone used mutt + MSMTP to backup website?I can't use it to send large attachment to my mailbox.I tried, if it is to send hundreds of K size of paper, immediately mailbox can receive.But more than 200 m documents it cannot receive, I use is putty remote login the VPS,this software can't long time and VPS keep connection, if I don't operation words.I did not find out the system error,I think may be the cause of the file is too large
    ,But I don't know how to solve...I think someone has used mutt + MSMTP to backup site,Who can tell me what to do? I can't just backup database without backup websites.

    I hope you can help me

    thank you very much!!!

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    Is there some reason why you are emailing your backups? Or am I not understanding your request?

    If I were you, I'd use rsync or scp. Both of these are easily scriptable solutions. If those won't work for you, maybe give a little bit more background about your problem, so that we may offer more appropriate advice.

    As to your original question, are you sure you are not hitting a limit imposed by your email/ISP provider?

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