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    Question apcupsd cannot connect to pcnet AP9631.


    I have a old APC Smart UPS 1400, I purchase the pcnet card AP9631 to be able to manage this UPS.

    I have centos 5.8 with apcupsd 3.14.10.x from epel repo.

    I test first the card, I went to my browser and access the settings, default username: apc:apc.

    No issue navigating inside the browser.

    Latter I read apcupsd manual and follow the instructions how to setup the config file to access this UPS, but no luck.

    The config file say that by default the card will open the port: 3052 but I don't see the port open.

    Just 80/21/23.

    Now, the manual say that the default userassword from the web access is not the same, in the web portal users don't have another one.

    Powershutte settings I have are:

    configuration: where I can put a new password, don't know for what, I try there to setup a password and didn't work.

    clients: here I done have nothing.

    Now, the settings are not to difficult, I can access the pcnet card with telnet, I change the password and access again with telnet with the default user "apc".

    The message I have once I start the service: Warning communications lost with UPS".

    But I have never seen that apcups get info from the pcnet card.

    I reset to default values and try again, same issue.

    My settings are like the manual:

    UPSCABLE ether
    UPSTYPE pcnet
    LOCKFILE /var/lock
    UPSCLASS standalone
    UPSMODE disable
    I use the new password and different things and nothing.

    apcaccess show me this:

    STATFLAG: 0x07000000
    This is the info I got from the web portal:

    Model: Smart-UPS 1400
    Serial Number: QS9906008252
    Firmware Revision: 70.11.D
    Manufacture Date: 02/04/99
    I don't have any firewall between this 2 devices.

    Any input will be appreciated, thanks!!!

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    Done, add the IP of the apcupsd box as client on the powerchute settings of the pcnet card, done

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