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    screen resolution goes weird after blank

    i using rh9 on a te2100 laptop
    screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768
    my monitor is a generic laptop lcd display @1024 x768
    seems tat everytime after a period of idle, the screen goes blank...and after tat, when i touch anything again, the screen comes back on again but the display is weird. for example, if i were to have a mozilla open b4 i left it to idle, when it comes on again, the mozilla is divided into 4 different part and they are not in place, it looks like the monitor is not big enuff for the screen and it is coming out from the other side

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    okie...the screen din split into split into seems tat after being idle for too long, when i go back, the screen resolution still remains the same however, redhat 9 seems to tink tat my monitor is actually bigger than it is...and hence this adnormality..
    the mouse cursor position, however remains unchange, ie if i go to the bottom left of the screen, the red hat icon, which had by now go to the middle left of the screen will lit up.
    once i log out, however, the problem is solved, however, i cannot always log out everytime this occurs becoz right now i am trying to update redhat, and it is taking really long and tats y i have to leave it idle. the thing is now tat i finally finished downloading all the update, i have get out...and download it all over again
    any one has any suggestion wat can i do?

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