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    Hard downing a NIC.

    I've tried googling this, hell I even used bing...

    I have an unusual need to hard down the NICs on some linux boxes. Not just network down, but for the link to show down.. i.e. eth0 NIC Copper Link is Down

    I can get ethtool to drop it for a sec, but I need to keep it down for a few minutes. Anyone know how to do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hessian View Post
    ... I even used bing.
    Desperate, huh? lol... just kidding.
    Have you tried ifconfig ethx down?
    man ifconfig
    I'm sure it could be worked into a script, if you're working remotely.
    ...I'm not the guy to do it, but I'm sure it can be done.

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    Yeah, I'm looking for a bit more than just downing the network. My main goal here is to have the switch the box is connected to show no connection, as if the network cable was unplugged. The boxes are remote, but I do have KVM access.

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    Not sure you can do what you are looking for without messing with the system.
    You might look into modprobe and maybe remove the driver but this might cause the other interface you want up to also be shut down.

    I do have a question, why is it you need the interface to power off?


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