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    Adding a launcher to GNOME panel (Thunderbird 17)

    So running a new install of Fedora 17 and have a need to use the very latest version of thunderbird (17) and downloaded the binaries which I'm able to run from the terminal without a problem. but have having difficulty running the app from the GNOME menu.


    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Mail Client
    Exec=thunderbird %U

    I've played around with the path and I think I just need add an $path env. I've tried hosting the binaries in /usr/share/thunderbird and reflecting that in exec=/usr/share/thunderbird/thunderbird and exec=/usr/share/thunderbird/thunderbird %U also excluding the full path in exec and adding path= to reflect the same (as above)

    Is there something obvious I'm missing?

    The error I'm getting is "failed to execute child process "thunderbird" (no such file or directory) anytime I try to launch the app from the GNOME menu

    I was also looking for something more detailed in the messages or any log but I don't find anything that corresponds to this error at all.

    Any help is appreciated


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    The binary should be marked executable. Can you run the binary from the command line? what happens if you do:
    That assumes that the binary named thunderbird is in the directory /usr/share/thunderbird/. If that works, then you should be able to put that exact command after Exec= in your .desktop file. I never use Path= in my .desktop files, I've always used full path to binaries in Exec= and that works fine.

    You should leave the binaries wherever you (or the Thunderbird installer, if there is one) put it. You can always put a symlink in /usr/local/bin pointing to it, too.

    You can also use the alternatives command (on RH/Fedora-based systems) to manage symlinks for applications.

    Note: this won't help with running the binary, but there is a command called desktop-file-validate which will check the syntax of your .desktop file for you.

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