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    root filesystem is 100% full ...?


    If root filesystem gets full 100%, then what are the risks associated with this situation ?

    Will the Server function normally or will get into hung state ?

    Can anybody throw Light on this issue....Please..


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    Depending on the filesystem layout, the daemons and applications can no longer
    - write logfiles
    - create new pidfiles
    - create or modify outputfiles

    So obviously you should take care of this issue ASAP.
    Which means:
    - login
    - find disposable or movable files (maybe logfiles) via du and df.
    - dispose or move them
    - restart the daemons, if appropiate.
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    THANKS for replying to my question.

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    Running processes may also terminate or may handle those errors in such a way that their behavior is altered. So if it's not too much of a problem, doing a clean shutdown/reboot after you fix whatever filled up the filesystem would be ideal. If you don't want to do that, which is understandable, then checking to make sure all the service you use on the system are working normally is a good idea, including making sure they are logging data as expected. Anything that doesn't appear to be healthy should be restarted.

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