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    configuring 2 IPs on Single Network interface in CentOS 5.8

    Hi all, I want to configure 2 IPs (of diffrent Network like and with default gatways as on Single Network Interface Card. Also then i want to modify the default routing on my system. So can anyone help me on this

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    One sollution using the "ifconfig" command:

    ifconfig eth0:1 <new_ip> netmask <new_netmask>

    This will create a virtual network eth0:1 with the new desired settings.

    To make this network available after every restart you will need to change some configuration files. I hope this guide will help you with this: Chapter*13.*Network Interfaces


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    I prefer to use ip (from the iproute package) as it is more capable than ifconfig, and is slowly replacing ifconfig everywhere. here is an example of usage:

    ip addr add dev eth0
    ip addr add dev eth0
    if you really want, you can assign aliases to them (like eth0:0) if you want, but I find those confusing (and iptables doesn't like them!).

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    how to change IP addr, and change the default routing

    Thanku guys for your response, but i have a few questions, that i want to change the IP add of my interface regularly, as my connection to internet is through proxy, and to access net i have to change my IP.
    And next thing is with 2 IPs configured, and one default gateway, i have to add routes so that packets for local network send on another gateway and all other packets are send on default gateway, so how to configure that.

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