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    Redhat 6.0 Cluster suite - Quorum Disk Configuration issues


    I am trying to add a quorum disk to the cluster and getting the following error:

    HTML Code:
    Dec 12 14:43:56 PGRH1 qdiskd[10860]: Quorum disk timings are too slow for configured token timeout
    Dec 12 14:43:56 PGRH1 qdiskd[10860]:  * Totem Token timeout: 10000ms
    Dec 12 14:43:56 PGRH1 qdiskd[10860]:  * Min. Master recovery time: 108000ms
    Dec 12 14:43:56 PGRH1 qdiskd[10860]: Please set token timeout to at least 111000ms
    Dec 12 14:43:56 PGRH1 qdiskd[10860]: Configuration failed
    Following is the cluster.conf I am using

    HTML Code:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <cluster config_version="2" name="pgcl1">
        <clusternode name="PGRH1" nodeid="1"/>
        <clusternode name="PGRH2" nodeid="2"/>
        <clusternode name="PGRH3" nodeid="3"/>
      <quorumd interval="3" tko="23" votes="2" label="PGRHQdisk">
    I tried changing the TKO to various number from 10 - 200 nothing worked.

    Please help me get to a right configuration.

    Thank you

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    The error message seems pretty clear, but I don't know about your cluster.conf file. The error message is saying that your token timeout is 10 seconds, but it needs at least 111 seconds in order to work.
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