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    CPU utilization is High, what could be the reason ?


    One of our Linux server shows High C.P.U utilization since last 3 days continuosly around 80% to 95% increased.

    What to do in this case ?

    What are the troubleshooting steps need to be taken ?

    Kindly help me please.


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    Check the running processes with top and ps.
    If you have identified the ones causing load, judge if this is expected or even wanted.
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    What Irithori said. What applications do you run? I have some useful, but flaky programs that do this occasionally (and randomly) and have to be killed manually. The "top" command is useful to find these applications.
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    When this happens (usually when my system is super cold! ) I find the top command 'I' very helpful.
    Also "kill -1 <pid>" *sometimes* suffices.

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