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    Redhat clsuter reboot due to Heuristic timeout

    I have installed a two node redhat cluster on RHEL 5.8
    I have defined a quorum as below :

    <quorumd interval="2" label="mycluster" min_score="2" tko="5" votes="1">
    <heuristic interval="2" program="/usr/share/cluster/ bond0" score="3"/>
    And here is :
    ethtool $1 | grep -q "Link detected.*yes"
    exit $?
    From time to time one of the node got reboot and this is the entry in logs just before reboot :

    Dec 18 17:32:27 node1 qdiskd[8730]: <info> Heuristic: '/usr/share/cluster/ bond0' DOWN - Exceeded timeout of 8 seconds
    Dec 18 17:32:27 node1 qdiskd[8730]: <notice> Score insufficient for master operation (0/3; required=2); downgrading
    But there is not any issue on my network. I would like to know
    1. Is my configuration correct or it can be better ?
    2. Is there any way to increase timeout to a value more than current which seems to be 8

    Any note that may help me is highly appreciated.
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    You can't have a quorum with less than 3 participants. You only have 2. Won't work...
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