I have been using Fedora 17 XFCE for a couple of months, and I love it. Before that, I used .deb-based systems (Debian, Ubuntu and then Kubuntu) for about four years. I switched to Fedora because I was tired of video problems, .deb-package inter-dependency hell, and 64bit problems, among other reasons. I must say that I've had none of those problems with Fedora. Specifically,

1. Fedora handled the 64bit/noarch issue seamlessly
2. I have yet to have a package installation fail because it required version Y of a dependent package, but I only have version X, and I can't install version Y because of another dependency.
3. Video works flawlessly, even 3d, and even with my finicky Radeon Mobility HD video card.
4. It auto-mounts USB drives better than .deb-based systems
5. I enabled the firewall, and it prompts me when I do something within a GUI that is blocked by the firewall, and even has a button to create a rule that would allow the function. .deb-based systems just let the function get blocked, and you have to figure out why on your own.
6. Printing worked automatically. I had to manually install and configure CUPS in my .deb-based systems.
7. Bug reporting works out of the box. My .deb-based systems prompted me to install development tools that never installed successfully, no matter how many distro or kernel upgrades I tried.

I also like the performance of the XFCE interface. Both KDE and Gnome are too bloated for my tastes. However, thanks to the choices provided by Linux, I get the performance that I like from XFCE, along with specific KDE and Gnome tools like Dolphin, GParted, Kate, and Pidgin.