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    how to use linux's own linked list implementation globally

    hi there i'm a newbie about kernel programming and i have to do a project about changing some stuff on linux scheduler function. Moreover, i want to use a linked list for being more clear rather than an array. However, i 'm facing with some problems about using a linked list globally which derived from kernel's own linked list implementation. First of all, i read this simple document to start progress.

    now i hope i will be clear to you. First, i defined a header file (

    directory which contains the data structure i will use and the code is like this.

    #include <linux/linkage.h>
    #include <linux/vmalloc.h>
    #include <linux/list.h>
    typedef struct node{
            struct list_head mylist; /* kernel's list structure */
            long int project_pid;
            long project_ticket_number;
    secondly, i defined my own system call file
    directory and this .c contains

    #include <linux/sample.h>
    #include <linux/project_header.h>
    long int maximum_ticket_number=0;
    LIST_HEAD(mylinkedlist) ; //to represent the start (head) of our list
    asmlinkage void sys_sample(void){
            NODE* temp=NULL;
            struct list_head* position = NULL;
            list_for_each(position, &mylinkedlist){
                    temp = list_entry(position, NODE, mylist);
                    printk("data = %ld\n", temp->project_pid);
    so my main question is how i can use or call this main linked list (mylinkedlist) in fork.c and sched.c. or how i suppose to define mylinkedlist ?

    i hope i been clear and understandable to you and i will be very glad if you can help me and thanks anyway...

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    I don't know the answer I hope some other member will reply btw, have you posted the question in mailing list? That's excellent resource for kernel newbies
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