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    CRON job not running, stopped ,WHY ?


    Cron job was not running for few days and their were no oracle logs generated.

    Can anybody help me why cron job got stopped?

    What could be the reasons for cron job stop in LINUX SERVER?


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    The number one reason would be that the cron daemon is not running (check for it in the output of "ps", or use "service crond status").

    Another reason might be that the cron job was inadvertently commented out or deleted. Check that it is there using "crontab -l" (or check the /etc/cron.d files if a system cron).

    Is there anything helpful in the cron log? Usually it is '/var/log/cron'.

    Also, you can add logging of your script that is being called by cron. for example, you could make your cron job look like this:

    10 0 * * * /usr/bin/command  > /tmp/cron.log 2>&1
    All script output (STDOUT and STDERR) will go to the log file "/tmp/cron.log". So if there is an error, you might catch it there.

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    thanks for your response to my query.

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