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    Question about service startup in fedora 17

    I have installed fedora 17 just now. I found the script /etc/rc5.d/K90network.(dont boot network by default?) But the network is good when I boot the system. After I run K90network stop , the connetion is down, and restored after K90network start. How It could be.


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    The /etc/rc files are there *because* they are executed at boot, in the order of the numbers at the beginning of the filenames. S01 starts first, S99 starts last. The K files are for shutdown, and work exactly the same way. You can use these scripts to start and stop the services on your PC.

    I personally use the wrapper 'service' to do this. For example, if I want to stop NFS, I log in as root and type:

    service nfs stop

    The Network File Server is now stopped. No more nfs.
    Then I do whatever I needed to do, and go:

    service nfs start

    and NFS is back up and running. 'service' just calls the appropriate script in /etc/rc5.d/ or whatever runlevel I'm in. You can learn a lot about your system by reading these scripts.

    Hope that helps.

    Peace and Cheer.

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