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Thread: hard disk

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    hard disk

    If /root partition is at the point /dev/hda2 in the file system, what does had2 define ?

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    It is the second partition (2) of the first (a) harddisk (hd)
    But nowadays, you usually see scsi disk (sd) followed by a char (disk) and number (partition), eg: sda1
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    To add to what lrithori said (which I agree with, btw), /dev/hda2 is the device file representing the second partition of the first hard drive (typically an IDE HDD with an 'hd' prefix, as Irithori noted). The device file is in short the representation of the hardware (the physical volume that is the drive) as a file. This can then be mounted (ie. mounted by the fstab config) anywhere, as for example, it can be mounted to /root - as yours is.

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